Learning Labs

Love and Liberation Learning Labs

We envision a near future where our movements are exponentially more powerful and abundant with authentic, resilient leaders working actively to construct our collective liberation in the here and now. 

These leaders are the trail blazers that focus on learning, innovating and imagining new ways to practice liberation in our daily lives, within our organizations and in our communities. They work to build a better world that embodies our greatest aspirations for a just, healthy and sustainable world.

Our goal is to create spaces and curate experiences for leaders to build that liberation mindset and the daily practices that embody it. We believe that with the right supports, every leader can develop a liberation mindset resulting in movements that are stronger, leaderful and forward thinking.  That’s why we have created the Love and Liberation Learning Series to share new ideas that advance our collective liberation and create joyful, sustainable and impactful movements. A typical learning lab format includes presentations by experts in the field and opportunities for discussion and resource sharing.

Here are some of our upcoming offerings:

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