Coaching for Transformational Change

Individual Coaching to Support Liberatory Leadership

We provide individualized coaching to help you move from insight to action. We offer a confidential, non-judgmental and safe space where you can connect with your sense of purpose, fully articulate your goals and tackle any challenges that are getting in the way of leading a fulfilling and purposeful life.

Whether it’s a leadership challenge, life-work balance issues or the desire to explore new opportunities, we help you embark on a journey of self-discovery that can spark deep insights and lead to transformational change.  We utilize a broad array of techniques and tools to help you fully connect to your sense of purpose, clarify what’s really important to you and then help you craft the right strategies to achieve your goals.

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Peer Coaching Circles

We curate spaces to tap into the collective genius of our social justice community. We’ve designed a new leadership development program that combines leadership learning labs with individual and group coaching in order to achieve maximum results.

Based on 20+ years of coaching individuals and teams in the social change sector, our team designs and facilitates customized Leadership Learning Circles for individual leaders and grantee cohorts. Utilizing a peer learning and coaching methodology, we offer a combination of tools and techniques to enhance leadership skills and resiliency.

The key aspects of this program include:

  • Laser Focused Peer Learning Sessions: In every circle meeting, we introduce and explore an essential leadership learning topic, providing opportunities for journaling and small group discussion to deepen understanding of the concepts and how to apply them in the here and now.

  • Curating Peer Coaching Spaces: Wisdom, power and healing abound when leaders come together to support each other. That's why we focus on creating peer to peer coaching spaces! Participants are trained in peer coaching techniques and engage in strategic thinking and change management dialogues with each other. Participants have the opportunity to present real life challenges for group discussion and problem solving. Each session is planned and facilitated by a certified coach and oftentimes accompanied by a healing justice practitioner.

  • Assessment and Problem Solving Tools: We provide participants with a comprehensive array of tools and techniques to advance their leadership skills which they can also share with emerging leaders in their own organizations. Our tools are specifically designed to fit the culture and ethos of social change organizations. Participants can access a range of leadership and team assessment instruments, emotional intelligence assessment tools, context mapping worksheets, change management flow charts, scenario thinking and decision-making frameworks, to name only a few.

  • Individual Coaching for Integration: Each participant works with an individual coach that provides coaching throughout the program in order to help leaders develop a comprehensive leadership plan with specific learning objectives and skills development goals. We utilize a Skills Transfer and Integration Approach (STIA) to achieve maximum benefit. Our coaches work with each leader to maximize integration of new skills into their daily leadership practice.
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Team Building and Senior Leadership Team Coaching

We work to help teams assess their strengths and challenges, clarify their mission and role, and build their emotional intelligence and resiliency to achieve greater impact.

Our aim is to build strong, agile, and cohesive senior leadership teams capable of adapting to volatile and uncertain conditions, with the skills and tools to make strategic choices, optimize opportunities and scale-up their organizations as needed.

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