Skills Building for Courageous Conversations (Part 2) with Marquita James, Conflict Resolution Practitioner

March 22, 2023  |  1:00 - 3:00 PM EST

Workshop Description:

As a badass social change leader, you've probably already seen the many ways courageous conversations--and their absence-- can impact your organization, your movement, your colleagues-- and you, dear one. In this skill-building workshop series, we'll delve into some strategies for how to manage how we show up more courageously in our organizations and how you as a leader can begin laying the groundwork for building a more courageous organization. You'll have an opportunity to workshop a specific conflict that matters to you in a supportive environment as we lovingly examine both our organizations and ourselves. You'll leave with greater clarity about where your strengths lie with having more courageous conversations and deeper awareness of where you would like to grow.

This is an interactive workshop, not a webinar. Come ready to think deeply and share!



  • Take a glance at the attached Risk-Reward Assessment to identify a courageous conversation of your own that you’d like to explore in the workshop. Know as you’re selecting your conflict that Vegas confidentiality rules apply in this learning lab. What’s shared in the lab stays in the lab, so we ask you to select the conversation that would be most useful to you in your growth right now.

  • Skim the attached Courageous Conversations Prep Guide to begin thinking through some of the questions that will inform the conversation you practice during the workshop. We know time is precious, so feel free to focus only on questions 1,2, 4, and 6 in your prep. We’ll discuss all the questions at greater length during the workshop.

  • Show up ready to experiment together in this highly interactive lab!


NOTE: This workshop will NOT be recorded to protect the privacy of the participants.

This learning Lab has passed.


Marquita’s practice ranges from helping organizations design healthier dispute resolution systems to helping individuals navigate murky situations. Marquita provides impact-driven, equity-immersed consulting services as both an independent practitioner and founder of Lagniappe Consulting and in partnership with Strategies for Social Change, a woman of a color owned consulting firm committed to using innovative solutions to help social change organizations transform the world.

Her work centers the learning, growth, and development of organizations and the individuals within them. Marquita delights in helping organizations embrace healthy, sustainable approaches to conflict resolution assessment and strategy, organizational change, leadership development, and deep, transformational equity work.

She has been facilitating difficult conversations and providing training and coaching since her time with the Harvard Mediation Program at Harvard Law School.

When Marquita is not elbows deep in the conflict resolution and consulting worlds, you’ll find her hunting for live music, attempting to dance bhangra, or pining for gumbo from her home state.