Pause & Play: A Transformative Tool for Enhanced Leadership and Wellbeing

May 15, 2024Ā  |Ā  1:00 - 3:00 PM ET

Navigating the intricate world of nonprofit leadership demands a blend of acute decision-making and genuine self-care. The Pause and Play approach is our innovative answer, guiding leaders through a rhythm of introspection and action. It starts by taking a mindful moment to pause, delving into immediate needs, and then choosing a tailored healing approach. By adopting the model, leaders not only fortify their personal well-being but also encourage an empathetic, effective leadership style. When leaders integrate this approach into their decision-making process, they inherently craft a more nurturing, understanding environment, propelling their teams to feel more valued, understood, and motivated.

This lab integrates hands-on activities, including a sensory scavenger hunt and Emotion Wheel, that allow for immediate application of the model. As a finale, attendees will have the chance to win access to our Virtual ToyBox.

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Faith Bynoe, an integrative chaplain and the visionary behind Syncretic Wellness, stands as a beacon in the wellness arena. Her unique blend of spiritual insight and dedication propels individuals toward their optimal healing formulas.

With an impressive roster of clientele that includes The Mayor's Office of NYC, Race Forward, New York Childrenā€™s Defense Fund, Faith in Public Life, and New York Presbyterian, Faith's expertise is both sought after and widely recognized. Bridging time-honored traditions with today's challenges, she underscores the "Pause and Play" approach, allowing continuous introspection and growth. Sessions with Faith, illuminated by her vast experience and chaplaincy background, merge depth, playful exploration, and tangible transformation.