Learning to Pause

January 26, 2024Ā  |Ā  1:00 - 2:30 PM ET

Learning to Pause provides an opportunity for participants to engage in a discussion around the benefits of incorporating intentional pauses. This liberation strategy serves as an opportunity to unpack the dangers of our Capitalist, White Supremacy Culture on our bodies and minds. Through an interactive training participants will learn to shift from a "Doing" to a "Being" mode, noticing the impact on their well-being. They will also learn to incorporate five "Pause Practices" that can support them to find balance in their work and lives outside of work.


Master Certified Coach, Leslie Avant-Brown is an innovator, facilitator, coach and thought leader within movement work. Her relentless desire to fuel systems change in support of BIPOC and vulnerable communities has changed the fabric of this work. With her down to earth demeanor, she brings a unique mix of laughter, curiosity, healing, creativity and strategy to support Changemakers ā€“ those who are designing innovative strategies that benefit future generations. She believes that moving beyond traditional leadership approaches will revolutionize the way that people work and thrive.

"I have dedicated my life to supporting Changemakers to grow and heal as they design strategies and systems that support liberation. I do this because I know, what we plant today will bloom tomorrow."