Learning from Conflict, Embracing Transformation: Being with Complexity, Compassion & Change

April 13, 2023  |  12:30 - 2:00 PM EST

Workshop Description:

Conflict is a vital energy for change in all living systems, including organizations. As leaders, understanding how to stay grounded, authentic, and listen for wisdom in the storm is a crucial capacity.


Richael Faithful and Julia Metzger-Traber will share and invite collective lessons learned from stewarding, navigating, stumbling through, and being transformed by conflict. They will share key principles distilled from their many years in conflict work, including deepening time/slowing down, opening to complexity, and compassionate inquiry. And finally, they will guide participants in practices to support showing up fully so that conflict can be a resource they do not fear.

This learning lab has passed.


Richael Faithful (they/them) is an interdisciplinary healing justice practitioner. Richael has been in movement for twenty years; they are trained as a community organizer, licensed as a movement lawyer, initiated as a traditional folk healer, seasoned as a strategist and facilitator and celebrated as a writer and creative. Centered in their southern roots, love politic, and ancestral-futurism, Richael considers themself a part of a cohort of culture workers committed to transforming generational cycles of harm. Richael’s portfolio is partially refl ected on their website,

Julia Metzger-Traber (she/her) is a healing-centered facilitator, consultant and trainer, somatic coach, performance artist, and a mother of two. She is committed to the deep, long work of collective healing and culture change as the context for gorgeous, liberatory co-existence. She supports communities, organizations, and individuals to address racialized harms, uproot colonialism and white supremacy from their bodies, lives and structures, as well as envision change, and move toward embodying those visions with creativity, healing, love, and radical imagination. She has spent many years holding people with compassion and clarity through conflict. Julia is a certified yoga teacher, a ‘Somatic Experiencing’ practitioner in the advanced level of training and holds an MA in Peace and Conflict Transformation. Julia lives on a farm in Northern Virginia.