Building Emotional Intelligence Within Our Organizations with Rapheal Randall

December 15, 2022  |  12:30 - 2:00 PM EST

Workshop Description:

Rapheal Randall, co-author of Doin' the Work, will engage participants on questions concerning the ways in which cultivating both individual and collective emotional intelligence within movement organizations strengthens our ability to effectively respond to constantly shifting terrain, both within and outside our organizations.


Watch the Recording

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Rapheal Randall is a trained designer, urban planner, and political worker who specializes in strategy and organizational development.

While with Michael Graves Design Group in Princeton, NJ, he co-designed products as varied as low-cost teakettles for Target to swanky furniture for resorts in Singapore. As an urban planner and designer with Interface Studio LLC in Philadelphia, PA, he drafted community revitalization plans for nonprofits and neighborhood groups throughout the tri-state area. During this period, Rapheal took part in local anti-displacement fights and minimum wage campaigns, utilizing his skills as a community planner in these organizing efforts. These experiences led him to Youth United for Change (YUC) in 2014, where he spent seven years as Executive Director rebuilding the organization through a dialectical process rooted in rigorous experimentation. The lessons his team learned through this approach are captured in two self-published books -- Y’all Tryna Win or Nah?! and Doin’ The Work -- which challenge the common sense about organizing, leadership development, and power-building within youth organizing and social movements in the U.S. as a whole.