Emotional Intelligence in an AI World

February 21, 2024  |  12:00 - 2:00 PM ET

Research tells us that ~95% of people think they're self-aware, while only 10-15% actually are. The higher up you go in an organization’s leadership chart, the fewer touch points leaders have for honest, authentic feedback that can be translated into action, growth, and impact. How are leaders leading in a way that melds gut instinct with data to further their mission?

Emotional intelligence is the difference maker for successful executive leadership, and in turn, more resilient organizations, movements, and ecosystems. Just like with any other skill, emotional intelligence can be improved with attention, knowledge, and practice. A crucial first step towards improving your emotional intelligence is to assess your current strengths and challenges to inform your plan of action.

The EQi-2.0 is an emotional intelligence assessment that supports leaders and teams in:

  • creating awareness around areas of strength and challenges
  • developing a concrete plan for applying that awareness  
  • balancing competencies with the understanding that even an overused strength can undo leadership potential

Join us in this highly interactive 2-hour workshop that explores the value of emotional intelligence in a choose-your-own-misadventure kind of world where so many complex dynamics are at play – a global pandemic, the racial uprising in America, intergenerational workplaces, the climate crisis, and attacks on civil liberties, just to name a few. There is a call to lead in new ways given how artificial intelligence might impact leadership and movement spaces.

The moment is calling for more emotional intelligence. How are you answering?


After attending this workshop, participants will have the opportunity to: 

  1. take their own EQi-2.0 assessment and, 
  2. attend a follow up analysis session on 3/5/24 from 12-2 PM EST.

Some funding for assessments may be made available. More details about funding will be announced at the workshop. 

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Marquita James’ practice ranges from helping organizations design healthier dispute resolution systems to helping individuals navigate murky situations. Marquita provides impact-driven, equity-immersed consulting services as both an independent practitioner and founder of Lagniappe Consulting and in partnership with Strategies for Social Change, a woman of a color owned consulting firm committed to using innovative solutions to help social change organizations transform the world.

Her work centers the learning, growth, and development of organizations and the individuals within them. Marquita delights in helping organizations embrace healthy, sustainable approaches to conflict resolution assessment and strategy, organizational change, leadership development, and deep, transformational equity work.

She has been facilitating difficult conversations and providing training and coaching since her time with the Harvard Mediation Program at Harvard Law School.

When Marquita is not elbows deep in the conflict resolution and consulting worlds, you’ll find her hunting for live music, attempting to dance bhangra, or pining for gumbo from her home state.


Lisa Garrett is a skilled facilitator committed to social justice and movement building. She has provided capacity building, leadership development and coaching to leaderful organizations and coalitions for over 20 years. Her intergenerational, transformative approach supports systems change at all levels and engages multiple stakeholders to ensure that the results are sustained over time.

Lisa’s early years as an Indigenous human rights organizer, conflict mediator, and funder seeded her curiosity about how leaderful movements build power and create change. Years later, the result of many experiments, much nurturing, and a shared commitment to supporting fierce change makers has led to the launch of Leadership Reimagined alongside co-founder, Elsa Ríos.